Titan Plaza

Bogotá (Colombia) 2012

Since July 2012 there is a new shopping mall in the Calle 80 in Bogotá.

2008 we met Gerardo Castro Rojas on the Tensoestructuras Symposium in Santiago for the first time. From January 2011 until May 2012 we designed an ensemble consisting of 5 membrane/ foil roofs together. The subject of the main roof is an alternation between foil cushions and mechanically spanned membrane. The membrane area has the typical valley caused by the forming wind suction cable. Except for the four smallest oval roofs all other roofs follow this formal principal.

The building covers are dimensioned for the hail loads of 100 kg/m², which have to be applied for Bogotá. The support air facility provides 1100 Pa overload pressure.


design of the building covers: Consulting, structural analysis, details, cutting patterns, cable drawings

Tamayo + Montilla Arquitectos, Bogotá

GU membrane and foil
Castro Rojas

Rodrigo Dávilla (1,2,3,5)
E. Guzmann (6,7,8)
Juan Manuel Crane (9)

4.100 m²

long roof
109m long, 25-37m wide, 9 bis 15m high

2 domes
d=15m, 10m high

2 D-shaped roofs
4 ellisses 9x5x1,5m


PTFE-glass fabric Sheerfill V

250 µm from Nowofol

printed by Reisewitz, manufactured by IASO, blowers by Nolting for 110 Volt