Structures made of membranes, steel, aluminium, wood and steel cables

Building envelopes in ETFE, glass and stainless steel mesh

Roofs, façades, event venues and exhibition buildings,
bridges and walkways, scaffolding
structures and sculptures

temporary, permanent and convertible

for private and public clients, architects, general design consultants, general contractors, manufacturers, steel constructors/fabricators, trade fair construction, façade and assembly companies

in Germany, Europe and worldwide


reddot winner 2021 für Messeauftritt PERI auf der bauma 2019 München.

On the occasion of the Verzinkerpreis 2021 formTL was awarded a recognition in the category metal design for the project “Kreuzweg # LOVEEUROPE” by Mia Florentine Weiss.

Art – Installation

On behalf of Mercedes-Benz AG, the art installation by Janet Echelmann was installed on Odeonsplatz in Munich.


To formTL business partners and associates:

Change, continuity and innovation are key factors in our (common) future. After careful and considered planning, we are setting the course for the future of formTL and preparing for a generation change.

Gerd Schmid stepped down as the company’s Managing Director on 1st June, 2021, and Bernd Stimpfle has now taken on the position of sole Managing Director. Christian Würfl has become authorized representative, and Sven Haag and Fridolin Mall have moved up to join the extended management team.

To ensure the greatest possible continuity, Gerd Schmid will continue to focus on acquisition and project development. He will be passing on his expertise and knowledge to his colleagues, your future contacts, and facilitating a smooth handover to them.

Our goal is to achieve mutual growth by working with you in close cooperation to access new tasks and markets, and to create outstanding projects.

formTL, June 2021
Bernd Stimpfle
Gerd Schmid