Structures made of membranes, steel, aluminium, wood and steel cables

Building envelopes in ETFE, glass and stainless steel mesh

Roofs, façades, event venues and exhibition buildings,
bridges and walkways, scaffolding
structures and sculptures

temporary, permanent and convertible

for private and public clients, architects, general design consultants, general contractors, manufacturers, steel constructors/fabricators, trade fair construction, façade and assembly companies

in Germany, Europe and worldwide


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To cope with the current situation, only a few members of our team are working from our office; the others are working from home.

So, we can continue to meet your design requirements and look forward to offering you our support.

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It is work in progress for the ETH Basel atrium roof. The shell structure, consisting of ring nodes and tubes cut to contour by tube laser cutting machine, has been installed and painted. Preparations for installing the glass are underway.

The new football stadium in Batumi is finished and will be inaugurated shortly. formTL has acted as consultant to the General contractor Anagi for the design and realisation of the roof and façade membranes as well as the polycarbonate roofing and the nearby umbrella structures.

In January the new bus station in Leverkusen-Wiesloch began operating, formTL’s contribution was the specialist design of the membrane.

Completion of the GCA Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, India, where formTL was also involved in the membrane design.