Palais Thermal

Bad Wildbad (D) 2011

Since 165 years the old Graf-Eberhard-Bad in Bad Wildbad in the northern part of the Black Forest is the said to be one of the most beautiful spas in Europe.

In the course of an extension of the Palais Thermal the sauna and the new outdoor pool have been covered with a 3-pylon tent. The inclined membrane roof on the roof of the former health resort building offers sun protections and visual protection towards the nearby spa hotel.

Special features are the base and anchor points which are integrated in the existing building, the wide-spanned front suspension cable and the cone tops which are organically fitted into the membrane surface.

Prof. Theilig: In the tightness of the roof sceneries develops an unexpected wideness between the wooden carpet and the smooth line of the membrane.


structural design, tender documents, special site supervision

architect, general contractor
KTP Kauffmann, Theilig und Partner

steel structure
Integral GmbH

membrane manufacturer

Galfan coated spiral strand cables from Pfeifer, d=10-24 mm

Journal. Architekten und Planer 04/20013
AIT Architektur 11/2012
espazio Magazine 10/2012

Hugo Häring Auszeichnung 2014
IOC / IAKS Award 2015 Silver

Roland Halbe

The 500 m² sized tent covers a surface of about 360 m².


PES/PVC Membrane Mehler Typ V