Structures made of membranes, steel, aluminium, wood and steel cables

Building envelopes in ETFE, glass and stainless steel mesh

Roofs, façades, event venues
and exhibition buildings,
bridges and walkways, scaffolding
structures and sculptures

temporary, permanent and convertible

for private and public clients, architects, general design consultants, general contractors, manufacturers, steel constructors/fabricators, trade fair construction, façade and assembly companies 

in Germany, Europe and worldwide

November 2017

The four-layer EFTE cushion façade for the Aquaparc in Tuymen is finished.

Radolfzell’s Konzertsegel is classified as a cultural monument by the Landesdenkmalpflege (office for the preservation of monuments).

22.-.25. November 2017: The pavilion of the Raumwelten - Platform for Scenography, Architecture and Media – will be used for the second time.

October 2017

2.10. Advanced Building Skins in Bern:
Lecture by Stefan Jauslin:
Art and function – Bus station Aarau
Lecture by Gerd Schmid:
Textile envelopes – surprising materials, surprising effects

4. place at Radolfzell’s “ideas competition” for a central access to the lake in form of a “pedestrian and cycle bridge” for the contribution of scailab and formTL

September 2017

25.-28.09. International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures IASS 2017: Interfaces. Hamburg, formTL participates with a lecture about the Nuvola (Rome).

August 2017

On 25.8. the Volksbank BraWo inaugurates the Lilienthalhaus at the airport in Braunschweig. A cable-wrapped air cushion covers the atrium of the service center.
Architect: ARCHITEKTENRÜDIGER, Braunschweig

The extension building of the primary and quarter school St. Paulus in Hamburg-Billstedt will be in use next school year (beginning of September). formTL designed the ETFE-cushion roof of the entrance hall which connects the existing with the new building.
Architect: APB Architekten Hamburg

July 2017

formTL visits the AllianzArena and the Olympiapark in Munich, highlight is the roof climb on the Qlympiastadion.

The kinetic façade for the 70. film festival in Locarno (2. –12 August) is installed.

May 2017

The installation of the kinetic façade is in progress.

April 2017

Lilienthalhaus: a three layer roof cushion with 450m² as well as the façade cushions are installed.

Participation at the competition “new training building for the Bundesamt für Sport, Magglingen, (CH) teamed with scheitlin syfrig architekten AG, Luzern and suisseplan ingenieure AG Aarau.

Aquapark Tymen (Russia) start oft he design phase for the rhombic ETFE cushion façade.

February 2017

Participation in the GU competion for 4 “Greenhouses“ in Tøyen (Norway) teamed with Varden entreprenør and Flexcover.

January 2017

Final acceptance testing of the adventure park in Laupheim (high rope course) by the TÜV Sachsen (Saxony) and the inspecting structural engineer.
The opening of the 8 courses with 80 climbing elements is in April.

CES Las Vegas: Mercedes-Benz presents the vision of tomorrow under the roof of the redesigned “Silver Flow”.

Mercedes-Benz celebrates AMG’s 50th anniversary at the NAIAS in Detroit.
Teamed with scheitlin syfrig architekten AG, Luzern and suisseplan ingenieure AG, Aarau, we submitted our competition entry for the swimming area of the Centro Sportivo Tenero (CH).

Kersten Europe’s visit to Steißlingen with a tour of the production facilities and training about bending technology. Kersten Europe has formed the profiles included in a great number of our projects.

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