Ropes course Mobi-Park

laupheim (D) 2016

This structure is a ropes course and adventure park. The elements are designed so that the course always starts at the so-called access tower. There is a choice of eight different routes as well as the “Free Fall” at pole number one. Featuring varying numbers of elements/obstacles, the routes offer climbers different challenges and end at different points.

Each element and every route is secured by a continuous safety system. This means that climbers clip themselves onto the safety cable at the beginning of the course and remain securely attached throughout, at all  elements and junctions. Climbers can only exit the course at the end, or be “rescued” by an authorized person. 

The structure consists of

- wooden poles (tree trunks)
- horizontal steel elements
- cables (bracing and tensioning)
- climbing elements
- safety cables

The 28 poles are either mounted on the foundations as rigid or as pin-jointed elements. The number of platforms attached to the poles varies, the maximum is 5. The highest of the 66 platforms is 15.5 m in height.


structural design

main contractor
hochkant GmbH

design and realisation
hochkant GmbH

hochkant GmbH

length: 100 m
width: 100 m

height of “Free Fall”:
18.5 m


28 wooden polesØ 40-55 cm
tubes Ø 114,3-168,3 mm
steel cables Ø 10-12 mm