Leipzig (D) 1998 – 2003

Engineering 1998-2001
Construction 2001-2003

In Leipzig a soccer stadium was built for the FIFA WorldCup 2006, which fits perfectly in the embankment of the old athletic stadium.

Instead of the 100,000 spectators in former times, today the new stands take 45,000 spectators.

The stadium was planned with an operable roof over the pitch. Visible elements are the parallel borders of the 220 m long bended and cable suspended main truss.

After the utilisation profle was changed the stadium was designed and realised as a pure soccer stadium.


Design + structural design roff

general architect
Arge: Zentralstadion TL 1-4
further architecture
ZP Zech Planungs GmbH

steel supplier
Hein Stahlbau

installation cables

Lecture at the University Weimar on 14.5.2003
Bauingenieur issue 5-2004
Stahl-Info 2006, issue 590-E

Frank Kaminsky

trapezoidal sheet metal covered
28.000 m²


Full-locked cables