Event hall

Chianciano (I) 2007

In the Fucoli Park the old membrane hall was substituted by a new one. The park environment should be left a lot of space, the new building is reminiscent of the cocoon of a butterfly or the cupules of a chestnut.

The cover encloses a multifunctional room with 1.600 seats for cultural events and conferences.

The structure consists of 8 glue lam girders with a axis-centre distance of 6,6m and a stiffening system in steel. The two-layer membrane-cover is connected to the upper side of the glue lam girders.

For the illumination the hall is equipped with 21 portholes of Lexan (polycarbonate), some of them can be opened.

Along the hall there are moveable wall-elements, which allow an opening of the longitudinal sides during the summer up to 3,5 m height.


Design of membrane cover including all steel elements

Paolo Bodega

membrane manufacturer

Tensinew 15
Costruire, ottobre 2008

Cristian Guizzo

covered area
1.317 m²

1.953 m²


white PVC-PES type III (outside)
type I (inside)