Foucaultscher pendulumtower

Phänomenta Lüdenscheid (D) 2015

In the course of an expansion, spatially as well as in terms of content the Science Center Phänomenta got a framework tower with an inner membrane helix as visual anchor. Inside the tower a Foucault pendulum is swinging.

The Foucault Pendulum, hanging at the secondary structure, shows the visitor not only the rotation of the earth, at the same time the visitor also experiences the elapsed time.

The membrane helix consists of 3 parts only: a backlit membrane, three form-giving cables and nine tension points.

The membrane follows the spiral structure of the tower which tapers to the top and forms a cold room which is open in the area of the membrane edges and the apex. If increased ventilation is needed, windows are included at the end of the membrane structure.


Structural design, tender documents, supervision of construction of membrane structure

KKW Architekten

steel supplier
Heinrich Rohlfing GmbH

membrane supplier
A. Arnegger GmbH

Michele D’Ottavio

DBZ 08/2015
DIB Deutsches Ingenieurblatt 08/2015
Wissensforum 09/2015
Umrisse 4-2015

top of the tower
76,1 m

top of the membrane
58 m

ground level membrane
12,5 m

99 m²

990 m²

enclosed volume
1.400 m³


PVC-coated Polyester fabric PES/PVC-Type III Ferrari 1202S, compensation 0,6% in weft direction.