Park Musée Rodin

Paris (F) 2022

Mercedes-Benz AG decided to mark the 2022 Paris Motor Show with a multimedia, sculptural artwork in an inspiring and very special location.

Set in the sculpture garden at Museé Rodin in Paris, this vast, digital walk-in mirror installation combines technology, art and innovation.

Visitors are offered a 360° multimedia cinematic experience in the interior of the vibrant, interactive artwork.

They feel as though they are floating, and magically, the boundaries between reality and fantasy vanish.

Reflections on the water surface of an existing fountain in the museum garden accentuate the installation’s appearance.


Tragwerksplanung Ausführungsplanung

Mercedes-Benz AG

jangled nerves

Andreas Keller Fotografie


5,5 x 5 x 5,5 m

Total weight
6 metric tons approx.


1000 linear metres 30 x 3 mm square tube
79 LED modules
524 mirror surfaces made of AluCobond