Meilenwerk Düsseldorf (D) 2006

Metamorphosis of a listed ring shaped building for locomotive into a garage for vintage cars.

Since 16. September 2006 more than 100 vintage cars are parked on 19.000 m². Here they are restored and maintained, can be visited and bought. Private owners of vintage cars have the possibility to rent a glass garage to protect and as well show their valuable cars which can be taken out for a ride if the weather is fine. The Bistro of the Meilenwerk offers space for business meetings.

Hall: 140 m diameter Origin: Reichsbahn-archetype project of 1930-31.
Today the main hall has a radial steel structure which is covered with 21 translucent ETFE cushions.


Design cushion roof and agreement in individual cases

Insignium gebaute Marken GmbH

RKW Architektur + Städtebau

membrane manufecturer
Ceno Tec

Ceno Tec (Nr.6)

cushion area
2.500 m²

cushion size
28,6 m x 1,2 up to 4,4 m

sag of cushion top/bottom
max. 0,7/0,8 m


Cushion design for 25% translucency
upper foil
200 my with homogeneous silver-coloured printing
2. layer
100 my clear foil
3. layer
100 my matt finished foil
bottom foil
200 my printed with silver-coloured pattern