Kinetic facade

Locarno (CH) 2017

The façade of the Palazzo del Cinema consists of more than forty thousand of gold glistening anodized aluminium flags, which move even in a light breeze. Constantly changing light reflexions on the façade create a gentle dappling and enhance and characterise its appearance.

The metallic flags are fixed onto vertical cables. The black stainless steel cables are pre-stressed in specially made mounting frameworks and the flags attached. The pre-formed steel structure is in its finished form before the mounting rack is installed. This ensures the cables retain their regular pre-stress condition after being installed in the framework.

The kinetic façade forms a vaguely transparent shining veil. When the wind makes it move, it invokes images of leopard fur. The leopard is the symbol of the Film Festival in Locarno.


Tragwerksplanung und Seilplanung

AZPML, London mit DF+Partners, Lugano

Officine Ghidoni SA – Franscella SA

©Luca Dieguez/Locarno Festival




black stainless steel wire cables
glistening gold anodized Aluminium flags on black stainless steel axes