Innercourtyard SMS Campus

Mönchengladbach (D) 2023

The SMS Group bundles its locations on its newly created campus in Mönchengladbach.

The central roof of the inner courtyard is supported by a total of 5 office buildings at a height of 20m above ground.

The Geiger Dome, with a diameter of 80m and a covered surface area of 5100m², is spanned by 40 radially aligned ETFE panels. The 40 axes of the ridge and valley cables of the dome form the edges of the roofing and and stress the structure with 3 ring cables against the compression ring  with 10000kN.

The assembly of the cable structure was supported by a central crane tower to avoid the edges of the building during the lifting process.


structural design Geiger Dome, detail design steel structure and ropes, workshop design, steel structure, assembly design steel structure, Biglift cable structure, Gutter planning, pressure ring cladding

Hartmann Architects BDA, Mönchengladbach

Inner courtyard roofing
PFEIFER Structures, Memmingen

Marcel Kusch
Pfeifer Structures

Covered floor space



Ring ropes: 2 x d= 40-55mm
Radial ropes: 2 x d= 21-45mm
Compression ring cross-section: 1030x680mm