Air-supported structure infintydome

Berlin (D) 2018

The core concept for the InfinityDome development focussed on creating a mobile projection dome with very short installation and dismantling times, to both fascinate its visitors and provide a flexible interior projection surface.

This inflatable dome made of translucent membrane material not only meets the specified requirements and offers an optimal solution but also makes a striking impact on the exterior with its simple material qualities and clarity of design.

Installed within the outer dome, there is a second dome made of Greyscreen material for 4K projection technology. Negative or positive pressure airflows fill the gap between these two membranes to inflate the double-skin structure. Projected images appear on the projection hemisphere in the interior or directly on the translucent material of the outer shell. The structure’s special features include a water-ballast system to anchor the dome and zippers to connect the separate structural elements.


structural analysis
engineering and patterning

tat Team

ballast: Zelt Haase GmbH
dome: Koch Membranen GmbH
cables: Carl Stahl GmbH
installation: tat Team GbR
locks: Gustav Nolting GmbH

tat team GbR

∅ 16m, Höhe 10m


outer skin
Hiraoka Typ 2
(212T-IIE SAC)

Stottrop Textil

opaque skin
berger textiles
(Salsa Opaque FR 4637-6566)

reflective layer
Stottrop Textil

black wall
Stottrop Textil

water ballast
PVC Heytex
(ark III H5574-0289)