IAA2015 stand Mercedes-Benz

Frankfurt/M. (D) 2018

As one of the main protagonists at the IAA, the automotive manufacturer Daimler AG traditionally presents itself in Frankfurt’s Festival Hall. The Mercedes-Benz brand is showcased against the backdrop of the historic domed space

The company’s fair presence also features the striking “Silver Flow”. It is a dynamically shaped large-scale sculpture consisting of silver –coloured aluminium slats which seem to float weightlessly within the hall. The open-plan main area is surrounded by 3 exhibition levels occupying an area of more than 9.000 m2. The “Silver Flow” consists of more than 400 single, cantilevered slats measuring a maximum length of 10 meters each. Placed end to end, they would be more than 10 kilometres in length.

Another striking element is the “car-shelves“, where the current model of each vehicle type is on display. The load transfer in the existing building was a particular challenge, e.g. bracings and reinforcements were necessary in the basement of the Festival Hall for the realization of the stand. While level 1 and 2 were realised as steel structures because of the high live load, a timber structure was used above level 2. A total of 850 tons of steel were required to create the stand.


structural design stand / stage, load transfer in existing building, suspended structure “Silver Flow

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Andreas Keller