Bridge over the river Sauer

Metzdorf (D) 2018

The old wooden bridge over the River Sauer, once the link between Metzdorf and Moersdorf in Luxembourg, has been replaced by a new cable-stayed bridge with an aluminum lattice truss superstructure which loosely replicates its predecessor’s appearance.
The bridge is designed for pedestrians and cyclists but also ensures fire engines with an overall weight of almost 12 tons can cross.

The structure is a cable-stayed bridge supported by tension rods from two steel pylons. Not only the pylons are made of steel but also the tension rods, stiffening profiles and superstructure connection components.

The superstructure itself is a continuous aluminum construction of vertical truss girders, cross girders, secondary girders and deck slabs.


Feasibility Study (Lph. 1-2)
Structural design (Lph 3-5)
Vibration calculation
workshop drawings
assembly analysis

Zimmermann Beratende Ingenieure, Trier

realisation of aluminum superstructure
PML Peter Maier Leichtbauf GmbH

Eike Dubois

total length
66 m

max. span width
50 m

effective width
3,0 m